By Travis Martin



Empire Magazine has released an official image of Elliot the dragon in the live-action reimagining of “Pete’s Dragon. In the image, there is a frontward view of Elliot as he looms over his owner, Pete (Oakes Fegley). While the previous animated Elliot, and most dragons in general, are shown as scaly beasts, this film does something different. Elliot instead is now furry.

On the new design for Elliot, director David Lowery said, “When I went to pitch the movie to Disney, I said ‘I want him to be a furry dragon’. Pete is supposed to be cuddling up with the dragon, so let’s make him furry. I wanted him to feel not like a “Game Of Thrones” or Harry Potter” dragon.”

Lowery also explained that, “A lot of [Elliott] is a dog, because people relate to dogs, but I’m a big cat person. There’s a seagull in there, and a tiger. Ultimately, it comes down to trying to make a 20 foot tall pet.”

The main difference between the previous film and this remake is that Pete is raised by Elliot instead of Elliot being raised by Pete. The movie will also star Bryce Dallas HowardRobert RedfordKarl Urban, and Wes Bentley. “Pete’s Dragon” is set for a release on August 12. The teaser for the film is posted below.

Image by Empire Magazine (http://www.empireonline.com/movies/pete-dragon-2016/pete-dragon-exclusive-image/)