By Will Tarashuk



Remember back in 1992 when Clint Eastwood starred in the classic western “Unforgiven? Well, Japanese film studios have remakes the Oscar winning film into a Samurai movie called “Yurusarezaru mono.

American films have been known to take Japanese films such as Seven Samurai and remake it into a western, like “Seven Samurai” into “The Magnificent Seven. Japan is taking a page out of the Americans book and it has a promising star in the lead role.

Ken Watanabe will take over the role Eastwood made famous. He will not be playing a grizzled cowboy, but rather, a seasoned Samurai. The film will take place in an island off Japan as opposed to Wyoming and Kansas.

You may know the name but not the face. Watanabe has made a splash in American films like “Inception” and “Batman Begins. He also was nominated for an Oscar for his role in “The Last Samurai. With his notoriety and star power it is possible the release of film could reach the states.

“Yurusarezaru mono” currently has no release date for the US.