Official Movie Poster

By Mandela Wells




So unfortunately “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” which came out this past March turned out to be a not so great super hero film. While it had many cool moments as a movie as a whole it wasn’t done right and many elements were poorly executed and chosen. I remember leaving the theater thinking “Captain America: Civil War” is gonna make up big time on the hero vs hero idea.  I am happy to say I was right. “Captain America Civil War incorporates many characters but in a clever well done fashion they all are utilized so nicely and made for one hell of a story to watch unfold on screen.

“Captain America: Civil War” picks up a year after “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and things seem to be going alright for Captain America/Steve Rodgers and the new Avengers. However a tragic accident occurs on a mission and it brings up past history of destruction and accidental death in major cities across the globe (basically the events of the past few marvel films since 2012). General Ross brings to the team as well as Tony Stark/ Iron man a new document issuing certified Government supervision of superheroes. Tony is all for it while Cap is against causing tension between the two. Another incident intensifies the matter and a reformed Bucky Barnes is roped into the mess. The film then showcases the clashes between Iron Man’s team and Captain America’s team all composed of several superheroes as they battle each other over this call to action. Meanwhile a bigger evil is lurking behind the shadows. The film also serves as the debut of Black Panther and the re-debut if you will of the new Spiderman who is a teenager this time.

So as expected the film made up for a lot of the mistakes from “Batman vs. Superman” and I cannot lie it was pretty awesome. Probably the most emotionally compelling Marvel film in some time. It also had a nice array of humor as these films do which made it soooo funny to watch at times as well. The film deals with a lot of themes of aftermath in war such as the effects it has on civilians who lose so much. It looks at how some people hate that the soldiers get to go home while they have to grieve over their loses. At the heart its also about fighting to end the wars vs fighting to make sure there is a way to atone for it to take the blame and repay those who have lost.

Robert Downey Jr. gives his best Iron Man/Tony Stark performance to date I really enjoyed what he did here. You finally see Tony crack here and it has been building up since The Avengers and its all due to a big twist near the end of the film. Chris Evans was equally excellent. This film more than any of them shows the morals and values that make up this Captain America character. I was pretty happy to see another side of our winter solider Bucky Barnes. Sebastian Stan did a great job as a fugitive like character here.

Absolutely incredible debuts for Black Panther and our 3rd Spiderman incarnation. Black Panther is the most interesting character in the whole movie and Chadwick Boseman knocked it out of the park I cant wait for a future solo film on the character. Tom Holland was exactly the Spiderman we deserved. He was funny witty and unlike Andrew Garfield he actually captured both Peter Parker and Spiderman veeeeeery well. “Spiderman: Homecoming” is sure to be interesting come its release next year.

The film had some amazing fight scenes. The airport fight was soooo good and it really makes you excited to see these new skills and fighters in the infinity wars. Another great fight scene was the penultimate one between cap and Iron man at the end and there is a straight out of the comic book shot that was done so beautifully. The Russo Brothers overall did a shockingly fantastic job of tackling this difficult story.

The summer of blockbusters is finally here and it be best for ya to head to your local movie theater and check out this film.