Official Movie Poster

By Travis Martin



Most people know only some of Roald Dahl‘s books, such as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factoryand “Matilda. Now, fans of Dahl’s adaptions may begin to discover another of the author’s classics with the release of Steven Spielberg‘s adaption of “The BFG,” with the second trailer just released online.

The trailer begins with Sophie (newcomer Ruby Barnhill), a London orphan, who is being taken into a massive room. This when her captor, a giant (Mark Rylance) explains how he, despite being a giant, is not going to eat Sophie. Instead, the giant, calling himself the Big Friendly Giant, has no interest in eating humans of any kind. Instead, he catches dreams, which are in the form of multi-colored balls of light that he shows to Sophie. However, the Big Friendly Giant isn’t the only giant around, as the other, more bloodthirsty giants constantly pick on the benevolent character. However, while the gentle giant is afraid of his kin, Sophie is not, as shots show Sophie, the Big Friendly Giant, and other giants battling in the giants’ land and around London. The trailer ends with Sophie saying “I’m going to call you BFG.”

The film also stars Rebecca Hall as Mary, Jermaine Clement as FleshlumpeaterBill Hader as Bloodbottler, and Penelope Wilton as the Queen. The movie was written by Melissa Mathison with Christopher Abbott acting as story editor. “The BFG” will release July 1, 2016.