Official Images of Kim Coates in “Officer Downe”

By Sam Brussell



Move over superheroes, there’s a new officer in town, and he’s happens to be an undead policeman. According to, the website Birth, Movies, Death has released brand new images for the newest superhero and one the more unusual ones, “Officer Downe. The film will star Kim Coates as the titular character and will be directed by Shawn Crahan . This comic seems like to be in the same gritty vein as one such as Deadpool.

“Officer Downe” is about a resurrected police officer that acts as a super weapon for the police force in order to battle the evil forces that plague the city. Even though he is on the side of good, Officer Downe is very violent and a bit psychopathic. This is considered a mixture of both the action of “Robocop” with the humor of “Deadpool.” This comic was created by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham.

With the success of “Deadpool” it seems that this film will follow suit and try to mimic in a sense what the previous film before it successfully did. With the announcement of the 3rd Wolverine will be rated R, it seems as though more and more Superhero films will be attempting to come off of the heel of what “Deadpool” accomplished. While this film doesn’t have a release date as of yet the studio is aiming for a release date within the year of 2016.  Even though it may not be a highly anticipated Superhero film such as “Suicide Squad” or “Doctor Strange” this might be an underdog film that people might be sleeping on.

The film is written by comic co-creator Joe Casey and will also star Sam Witwer. “Officer Downe” has no release date as of yet. The rest of the images are below.