By Travis Martin



With a slew of World War II-based films having come out, there is yet another film going to be made about the world-changing conflict. Variety reports that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is set to have a part in the WWII drama “12th Man. The film will be based on the true story of Norwegian resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud, portrayed by newcomer Thomas Gullestad. It is written by Petter Skavlan, and will be directed by Harald Zwart.

In the film, the story revolves around Baalsrud who, along with 11 other men, where resistance fighters attempting to fight off the Nazi in Norway. However, in 1943, a failed raid at Bardufoss lead to 11 of the fighters being killed and Baalsrud the sole survivor. Rhys Meyers will being playing a German character by the name of Kurt Stage.

“This has been a shared passion project of Harald and [producer] Veslemoey [Ruud Zwart],” Rhys Meyers told Variety, “and I am honored to be taking part in this great Norwegian adventure.”

Rhys Meyers will next be seen in the TV miniseries “Roots” on the History Channel and then in “London Town” as The Clash‘s lead singer Joe Strummer. No release date has been announced for “12th Man.”