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By Mandela Wells



Antonio Banderas is officially staring in a new action comedy known simply as “Salty.” The movie is about an aging rock star and reformed sex addict named Turk Henry. Henry is married to a supermodel whom he takes on vacation to Chile. During the trip she is snatched by a group of renegade buccaneers who are trying to raise money to buy a boat.  Turk then is forced to embark on a rescue mission, that takes him through Santiago  and through the jungles of South America.

Banderas is no stranger to the action world as he has previously starred in the hit 90’s film “The Mask of Zoro” and “The Expendables 3.” Banderas last film was the Chilean biopic “The 33.”

Last year “Salty” broke the U.K. record as the largest equity crowdfunded film of all time. It invited members of the British public to own a stake in the film’s profits. It’s the first time a significant Hollywood film is being funded this way.

The movie is written by Toby Davies and Mark Haskell Smith who also wrote the original novel that the film is adapting. Jib Polhemus and Harry Stourton are the producers. Exec producers include Rene Besson, Hannah Leader, Cassian Elwes, Sean O’Kelly and Andy Loveday.

No release date has been announced for this film.

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