By Jason Abdow
ER” actor Eriq La Salle, who has mostly kept his talents on the small screen, has signed on for a role in “Wolverine 3.” The details of La Salle’s character have yet to be revealed. Some have speculated that he could be cast as an ally to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine but it is hard to say given the lack of information on the project.
The plot has been kept under wraps, with rumors speculating it will be inspired by the Old Man Logan comic. What is known is that James Mangold, who directed “The Wolverine” will be returning for this film. Screenwriters Michael Green, who co-wrote 2011’s “Green Lanturn,” and David James Kelly have penned the script. Production for the currently untitled film is scheduled to start this month.
The film is set to be released on March 3rd, 2017.
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