By Travis Martin



From playing a terrifying slave-owner in “12 Years A Slave” to an egomenaicle computer wiz in “Steve Jobs, Michael Fassbender is about to add another strange, real-life person to his acting resume. The actor has just been cast in “Enter Hades, an adaption of John Leake‘s true crime novel on Jack UnterwegerVariety learned this while also noting that Broad Green Pictures and Storyscape Entertainment will produce the film with Fassbender’s own company, DMC Film.

For those who do not know this story, Jack Unterweger, an Austrian man, was sent to jail in when he was young for murdering a woman. He was sentenced 15 years to life in prison. During his jail time, Unterweger would write short stories and a biography that got him national attention and led to his release. This led him to becoming a bit of a celebrity in Austria and a reporter on crime and criminal rehabilitation both in Austria and in the United States. However, unbeknownst to his colleagues and the general public, Unterweger was killing numerous prostitutes in Austria and the US, with the numbers between 11 and 13 killed.

Storyscape Entertainment’s Bob Cooper and Richard Saperstein along with Conor McCaughan and Daniel Emmerson of DMC Film are the main producers, with screenwriter Alexander Dinelaris doing rewrites on the script. No release date has been slated for the film.