By Mandela Wells




The original “Snow White and The Huntsman” movie at the time seemed pretty cool and was a nice take on the classic story. I went in saw the film upon its 2012 release, and all though it had some nice moments it wasn’t too good. Fast forward years later and we pretty much get the same deal here with”The Huntsman: Winters War“. On top of that this is just really a film nobody asked for. This was a completely unnecessary sequel

“The Huntsman: Winters War” takes place both before and after “Snow White and the Huntsman.” In the years before the evil queen Ravenna had a sister named Freya who bred a child. After coming across a terrible tragedy involving her baby freya’s magical ice powers are unleashed which then leads her to become cold hearted Ice Queen. Freya then raises an army which includes The Huntsman himself Eric and his lover Sara. In the years after the events of the first film, Eric and Sara reunite and find out the magic mirror has disappeared from Snow White’s possession leading them on a collision course with Freya and a revived Ravenna. oh and yes the dwarfs are back as well.

So not only was this film unnecessary but it was executed so poorly. The story should not have been done as both a prequel and sequel it negatively effects the continuity and it’s just weird when one of the major characters in this story is not shown. It is not efficient when Snow White is just mentioned in context here and is not dead. I will say though Kristen Stewart did ruin that with the whole director scandal she had but still the writers should have been smarter than this when trying to come up with a good script. Also the humor didn’t really hit a whole lot here mainly because the dwarfs seemed more like a cameo in here than actual characters. The directing was alright.

The films only redeeming qualities was the performances from the 4 leads. Charlize Theron shines brightly again as the evil queen once again. Emily Blunt is great as always and play literally and figuratively her coldest character to date like we’ve never seen her gone to the dark side here. Chris Hemsworth was as witty as ever and brought it physically for the role. some parts of Sara’s story were not executed right so Jessica Chastain did only an OK job here but she did nail that accent well. Also for her first action role she fit into the action world pretty darn good.

So even with all that and the ending being pretty good I would still skip it it’s more than likely gonna be a waste of time for you.

Image by EnsonHaber (https://www.ensonhaber.com/charlize-theron.htm)