By Mandela Wells




After numerous release date changes, and very few bits of footage released we finally get a full trailer for Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” which is based on NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Joseph Gordon Levitt stars as the titular character and we see in the beginning how Snowden tried to join the special forces before succumbing to a serious knee injury in both of his legs. Although he was still able to walk Snowden had to relinquish dreams of being a solider and instead find another way to serve his country. Snowden was pointed into the direction of surveillance and it is there he discovers quite the classified secret. The government is using technology to spy on millions of people.

Realizing he cannot let this go Snowden downloads this crucial information and plans on fleeing. He informs many of his colleagues as well as his girlfriend that what he is going to do will have serious implications.

“Snowden” is Oliver Stone’s 24th feature film and his first since 2012’s drug drama “Savages.”

The cast of the film includes Joseph Gordon Levitt, Shailene Woodley, Tom Wilkinson, Zachary Quinto, Nicolas Cage, Scott Eastwood, Melissa Leo, Timothy Olyphant, Keith Stanfield, Rhys Ifans and Logan Marshall Green.

Snowden hits theaters September 16th. Scroll down to check out the trailer.


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