By Edward Delaney


Sequels, oh boy! They are something worth ranting about. Usually sequels are made when a film becomes a hit and studios can ride on that success while continuing the story. How cocky does a studio have to be to already announce another sequel to the “Now You See Me” movies before the first sequel has even been released?  Imagine if “The Godfather Part III” was announced worldwide before “The Godfather Part II” even came out?.

To be fair, Lionsgate has been rolling in the Benjamins lately when considering that the first “Now Your See Me” made over 350 million dollars so I understand why they would make these two films into a franchise.

Variety is reporting that Jon M. Chu, the director of “Now You See Me 2″ has been signed by Lionsgate to direct “Now You See Me 3.” Only time will tell just how successful this sequel will be. “Now You See Me 2” is set for release June 10th of this year. Hope you fans are excited!

Image by B. Alan Orange (