By Mandela Wells




He was legendary, wild, stylish, talented and most importantly Influential. Singer/Actor Prince was one of music’s greatest icons. As of yesterday April 21st the multi time Grammy Award winner passed away at the age of 57. Cause of death is currently unknown as the autopsy is still being done.

Since the late 70’s Prince has had a prolific music career spawning hits such as “I Wanna be your lover”, “Uptown”, “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”,”1999“, “New Power Generation”, “When Doves Cry“and a plenty more. Prince was one of three pop stars to run the charts for most of the 80’s the others include Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Prince was not only an influential singer but he was also an actor as well. Prince starred in the film “Purple Rain” in 1984. “Purple Rain” was a rock musical drama that was about a singer named The Kid who is a talented front man for the band known as “The Revolution” (which ended up being Prince’s real life backup band). The Kid is essentially tormented by his abusive environment at home, and must deal with a rival singer, a growing romance and his own dissatisfaction with his band as his fame begins to explode. The film ended up being a major hit for the singer as his original song for the film “Purple Rain” won the Academy Award at the 1985 Oscars for Best Original Song Score.

Prince went on to star in “Under the Cherry Moon,” “Sign O’ the Times”and the “Purple Rain” sequel “Graffiti Bridge.” Prince even as his 11th studio album recorded the soundtrack for Tim Burton’sBatman.” The soundtrack produced singles such as “Bat Dance”, “Partyman” and “The Future” just to name a few.

Throughout his entire career prince made a huge impact on the music industry and inspired many of today’s artist. In 2004 Prince was given the high honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Prince will be missed by all in the entertainment industry and by fans around the world.

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