By Mandela Wells



“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” has just picked up a big acquisition. Channing Tatum has joined the cast of the “Kingsman” sequel. This comes on the heels of reports saying Colin Firth may return for the film despite his character being killed off in the original film.

Tatum is said to be possibly playing an American Kingsman, or Statesman for the American equivalent. The new movie will see Eggsy ( Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong) seeking out the Statesmen after their own Kingsman club gets destroyed by the movie’s newest villain, played by Julianne Moore.

Along with Moore, Edgerton, Strong and possibly Firth, Tatum also joins Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal as part of the cast. Matthew Vaughn will direct this feature film that hits theaters June 16th 2017.

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