By Mandela Wells




It’s official the villain for “Wolverine 3″ has been cast. Boyd Holbrook of the hit Netflix show “Narcos” has been cast in the final “Wolverine” solo film.

According to reports Holbrook is playing a “relentless, calculating and intense” head of security for a global enterprises that has their sights set on Wolverine. Some believe he maybe playing Omega Red. Red was in the comics, a mutant whose abilities include super strength, durability and creating “Death Spores.” He is also famously noted for having retractable carbonadium coils in his arms. Omega Red’s real name was Arkady Rossovich,  and he was experimented on by the KGB in the comics.

The movie has released very little information other than it will be based on the “Old Man Logan” story, Patrick Stewart is set to reprise his role as Charles Xavier and that Liev Schreiber might once again play the role of Sabertooth. Nothing else has been confirmed as of yet.

“Wolverine 3” will hit theaters March 3rd, 2017.

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