By Travis Martin



So, I saw and wrote a review on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There were things I liked about, such as Ben Affleck‘s Batman, the rest of the cast, the action and visuals. But along with cramming in too much stories to set up the DC Comics Cinematic Universe, there were many problems involved with making this film. One of which was making Superman too grim, and doing something that seems to push the character away. If you have not seen “Batman v Superman” and plan to, there will be SPOILERS ahead.

Superman (Henry Cavill) dies at the end by the hands of Doomsday. In a film that is supposed to be about Superman facing off against Batman, why is the “Death of Superman” storyline in this film? And why is Superman sidelined and made so uninteresting in “Batman v Superman?” Better yet, why does Superman say the phrase “No one stays good in this world” when talking to Lois Lane (Amy Adams) about humanity? These questions bring to light how grimmer and cynical “Batman v Superman” has made this Superman. This should not be our generation’s Superman!

Do not get me wrong, I love superheroes that explore the bleak and grimy places and who constantly question the morality of their actions. There are superheroes superhero films that definitely do not work in light settings, such as Joel Schumacher‘s “Batman & Robin.” Even my favorite Marvel superhero, Daredevil, deals with the pulpy crime drama and Catholic faith and temptation against the grungy backdrop of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. (Check out Netflix‘s “Daredevil” because it really does get the tone right.) Even the edgy and twisted “Suicide Squad” looks appealing because of its focus on darkness and villains. But heroes like Superman or Spider-Man don’t belong in gritty, realistic settings. They’re characters that don’t fit into those types of themes.

Now, as an audience member, I thought “Batman v Superman” was okay. It has good moments, but the film is just too crammed with too many storylines. As a Superman fan, I am disappointed that this generation has a Superman that is second fiddle to Batman, again, and with the character’s grim outlook on life. I don’t want a cool, moody Superman, I want a simple good guy against the complex world.

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