By Mandela Wells



“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was one of the most hyped up films in recent memory. Trailer after trailer, promo after promo, news released almost every few months.  So much footage of this film was shown through all of that that It kind of ruined any kind of real surprise and excitement for the main elements of the film. I practically saw 75% of the movie through the footage. Upon seeing it, the film turned out not be garbage, but it fell far short of where it should have gone.

Two of the biggest superheroes in comic book history go at it in this huge blockbuster. Batman/Bruce Wayne is older, wiser and more world weary after 20 years of crimefighting. Bruce is shown in the beginning of the film to have also been in metropolis the day Superman and General Zod fought against each other and tore through all of metropolis. They even destroyed a Wayne owned building there were many lives were lost and changed. Superman is now a controversial figure and the world is trying to figure him out. Meanwhile, the conniving Lex Luthor has secretly learned about Superman’s origins and his one true weakness, working on countermeasures to confront him. Batman also learns of Superman’s weakness, and prepares himself to fight the Man of Steel. His belief is that maybe the one thing that matters in his haunted life is defeating this god-like alien.

In my opinion, this was very good film. It had a ton of cool moments but it really should have been a spectacular film instead of just a good one. B+ film in my opinion. However, I will say it was better than “Man of Steel, and I am looking forward now for “Justice League.

Ben Affleck was phenomenal as this older Bruce Wayne. This was a much wiser, more aggressive Batman than other portrayals. He was very similar to to Daniel Craig’s take on bond. Gal Gadot was also very impressive as Wonder Woman. She was fierce, cunning and mysterious all at the same time. Gadot is really improving as an actress and I can’t wait for the “Wonder Woman” solo film. Meanwhile, Jesse Eisenberg was a terrible choice for Lex Luthor. Lex has always had presence was a megalomaniac and was a bit more terrifying. Here he was just a sniveling little psycho that at times was annoying.

This movie revealed so much prior to release that I wasn’t as surprised to see the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Only two things in this film surprise me it happened in the final two fights of the film. I wont say what but it was pretty well done. In regards to the “Batman v Superman” fight itself was pretty awesome. The music was masterfully done by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL. On a final note, great cinematography from Larry Fong.

Final verdict, go see it if you’re a big comic book fan.

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