By Will Tarashuk



Former WWE star, Dave Bautista, will join the cast of “Blade Runner 2.” The original “Blade Runner” was released in 1982 and talks of a sequel have been ongoing for decades. Less than a few months ago prayers were finally answered and since then the picture has been coming into fruition.

Bautista had been teasing the casting news for weeks on his social media accounts, and now it is official. His role is currently unknown. After spending nearly a decade in the WWE playing good and bad guys Bautista took those talents into the acting world. He has since played a good guy in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and a bad guy in “Spectre.” Plus he spent nearly a decade in WWE so he is very versatile.

“Blade Runner” followed a world where genetically engineered beings known as replicates looked just humans. There haven’t been any details released as to the plot of the sequel but Harrison Ford will be returning to reprise his role. One thing we can anticipate is the reveal of Rick Deckard. Is he a human this time or a replicate?

Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright will also be joining the cast. Shooting for “Blade Runner 2″ starts in July and the film is set for a January 12, 2018 release.

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