By Mandela Wells




It’s one thing to bring novels of any kind to life on the big screen but to try and bring anime cartoons or cartoons in general to life in a way that isn’t silly, it is veeeeeery difficult. Anime so far has proven to be the hardest, I mean look at what happened when studios tried to make a live action “Dragon Ball Z” movie (“Dragon Ball Evolution”). It turned out to be a huge piece of crap film that didn’t stay true to the characters, the special finishing manuevers and everything else that made it legendary in the anime world. “Avatar the last Airbender” also was a disaster. “Attack on Titan” was the last film that was done in live action and it turned out to be okay but not great. I don’t care if it is Japan or the U.S, not all Animes can be adapted.

So now it’s being reported that one of my top 5 favorite animes of all time, “Full Metal Alchemist” is being done in live action out in Japan. My first thought was of course.. NOOOOOOOOOO LEAVE FMA ALONE!!

According to Crunchyroll, director Fumihiko Sori (“Ichi,” “Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker”) is set to direct the film while Ryosuke Yamada, who starred in “Assassination Classroom,” is set to play the blond haired State Alchemist Edward Elric.

Now for those who don’t know “Full Metal Alchemist” is about a two brothers, Edward and Alfonse Elric. These two are both alchemist who at a young age tried to bring their mother back from the dead using alchemy but unfortunately things went very wrong and it resulted in Ed losing his arm and Al losing his body but his soul being attached to a metal armor thanks to Ed’s quick thinking. The two later become state alchemist and work for the government. The series focus mainly on the duo’s quest to get their bodies back. In the midst of their quest they meet a variety of people and discover evil and inhumane secrets that involves religion, science and corruption of the very government they work for. The show was done once in 2003 and later in 2010 when the Manga was more complete.

“Full Metal Alchemist” has a huge fan base and some of its voice actors such as Vic Mignogna, Collen Clickenbeard, Caitlin Glass, John Swasey are highly regarded within that community. Trying to bring something like Alchemy into real life and have it look cool and not a CGI mess is in my opinion not possible just like trying to bring the kamehameha to life is not truly possible. Also it is always hard to portray a character with no real distinctive Japanese features as Ed and Al are more American than anything and so having Asian actors basically put on wigs or cheap carbon copies of the characters outfits will really lose people. The only live action Japanese adaption of any anime I’ve seen that was decent was Ruroni Kenshin, but that was it.

“Full Metal Alchemist” is a true show of fantasy the way the alchemy was done the characters that were created were perfect. the show blends humor and dark drama together in a really well done fashion. This is one of the few animes i’ve watched that has made laugh as much as a comedy film would. “Full Metal Alchemist” legacy was set once brotherhood came out and the manga was finished back in 2010, there is absolutely no need to dive back into this again.

However for now the movie is set to be released next year. Filming will begin in 3 months.