By Sam Bussell



Seems as though even Shailene Woodley wasn’t a match against a city full of cute animals. The weekend has come to an end and with it come the results of this weeks Box Office. According to The Wrap, the latest Disney animated flick “Zootopia” retained the Box Office crown for its 3rd weekend in a row bringing in a total of around $38 million.  Unless “Zootopia” can jump back up and gross over $100 million this weekend it will likely give up the Box Office crown to the highly anticipated Superhero showdown, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.However, that still remains to be seen. This past weekend “Zootopia” was able to hold off new releases “Allegiant” and “Miracles from Heaven” for the number 1 spot.

“Zootopia” has now gone on to gross $692 million worldwide and has a domestic gross of $201 million that’s a great success for Disney, as their latest animation film has become a both a critical and commercial darling. The same can’t be said for the third entry in the Divergent Series, “Allegiant”. The 3rd installment in the series that stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James, “Allegiant” preformed way below expectation as it was only able to gross $29 million its opening weekend. This is not a good sign for the YA adaption as this 3rd installment of the franchise wasn’t able to match or exceed the opening numbers set by the previous two installments, which grossed $54 million (“Divergent”) and $52 million (“Insurgent”).  With a budget of $152 million this franchise is dwindling down and it doesn’t look like there is a lot of love with this franchise with the final installment of the series heading to theaters next summer. Here’s to hoping that the summer movie season can save this franchise as Lionsgate is still looking for the next Hunger Games YA adaption film franchise and have so far come up short on multiple occasions. 

Rounding out the top 5 was the 2nd new release of the weekend, which was “Miracles from Heaven” which grossed $18.5 million this weekend. Coming in at number 4 was “10 Cloverfield Lane, bringing in $12.5 million this weekend bringing its domestic total to $45 million and rounding out the top 5 is former Box Office champion “Deadpool” who brought in another $8 million to add to its incredible run. “Deadpool” is currently the highest grossing movie of 2016 but that may change this weekend once “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” finally hits theaters for the whole world to finally see.