By Nick Hintz


Disney’s “Zootopia” just hit theaters and its already breaking records. With an opening weekend of a reported $73.7 million, “Zootopia” has set the record for the best opening weekend of a Disney animated film. “Zootopia” surpassed the studio’s previous release “Big Hero 6”, which previously held the three day record with $56 million. Zootopia’s records expand past the world of Disney in that it has now set the record for the highest grossing March premiere of an animated film, beating out 2012’s “The Lorax.”

It should also be noted that Zootopia also took down the R-rated “Deadpool” as the #1 film at the box office, something that no other film has been able to do for three weeks. It will be interesting to see where this momentum takes Zootpia, so far it has gotten highly positive reviews, yet unlike a certain recent Disney animated hit, it does not have a juggernaut hit single to help pack the theaters.

Zootopia is still in theaters right now.