By Mandela Wells



Actor George Kennedy has as of last sunday passed away at the age of 91. Kennedy was known throughout his career for his roles in “Cool Hand Luke“, the “Naked Gun” films and the Oscar nominated “Airport.”

Kennedy died of “old age and some health issues,” according to his grandson Cory Schenkel.

Kennedy who was born in New York was first apart of the army and served 16 years with them including during the time of World War II. After he had completed his service he went into acting and starred in one of his earliest roles “Charade” which also featured Audrey Hepburn. He would later star in 1965’s “The Flight of the Phoenix” and then “Cool Hand Luke” in 67′. In “Cool Hand Luke” Kennedy played a convict named Dragline who gradually befriends Paul Newman’s character Luke in the film. The role earned him an academy award for best supporting actor.

He would then star in “Airport” which was nominated for numerous awards including best picture at the 43rd Academy Awards. Some of the roles he would star in his later years included 1981’s “Modern Romance” and all the “Naked Gun” films. His last role ever was in 2014’s “The Gambler” which also starred Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Lange and recent Oscar winner Brie Larson.

Along with his grandson Cory, Kennedy is survived by his 4 adopted children. He will be missed.