By Mandela Wells



So this past Sunday’s Oscars started out with Bang as expected. Chris Rock went right into a hilarious monologue that had me dying but he also in his comedic and crafty way hit on a lot of points in the on going debate about diversity in hollywood and of course #OscarsSoWhite. Hands down this was one of the best monologues I’ve heard in a while and I had feeling nothing was going to be held back.

I must say this years show didn’t really feel that long in comparison to last year when it felt it was dragging for hours and hours. The Academy Awards I think always will need a comedian to keep energy going and to provide skits and pieces that will make people forget 4 hours has gone by. Rock used some pretty well focused but well crafted pieces during the show that didn’t seem silly or forced and it all came off really funny. Everything from the Suge Knight actor in the crowd, to the Oscar montage with him and several black actors in the place of the actual actor or thing to his girl scout troop giving out cookies was well executed in my opinion.

So the night had some interesting winners and then some surprises. One of the bigger ones and the one I was most pissed off with was Mark Rylance winning best supporting actor over Slyvester Stallone. THAT was highway robbery! Rylance in comparison to the other 4 gave a weak performance in Bridge of Spies and also I hated his character as I couldnt get a read on him or figure out where in the world that guy was from, So annoying. That was Stallone’s to win right there.

Another small surprise was “Ex Machina” winning for best visual effects over CLEARCUT visual accomplishments like “Star Wars” and “The Martian.” I found that really bizarre.

The performances throughout the night were decent but my god Sam Smith’s performance was pretty bad especially in the beginning he sounded horrible and nervous. Crazy thing is later he actually admitted his performance sucked. I cant believe he won the Oscar for best original song. Adele’s Skyfall is so much better, just saying.

So along with the expected winners Alicia Vikander, Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu and Brie Larson, we of course get to the BIG WINNER of the night, the winner that was talked about more than the best picture winner “Spotlight“, Leonardo Dicaprio. After 23 years, 5 previous nominations and a plethora of great films and performances Leonardo Dicaprio finally obtains what has been rightfully his and that is 1st Academy Award for his incredible performance in “The Revenant.” That standing ovation was very appropriate for him and well deserved. He should have thanked the bear in the crowd but as I also saw in the press conference after guess he was at a lost for words.

So this years show I must say was pretty good and I am all ready for next year’s show where I’m sure “Birth of a Nation” will be the big winner.