Sam Bussell



Well it looks like all of the hype and craze of R-rated superhero films is finally going to not just audience’s heads but studio executives as well. According to, the titular comic book showdown that is “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” will have an R-rated Ultimate Edition when its released on DVD after its hopeful monster run at the Box Office when its released on March 25th. Although the R-rated version won’t be released with the theatrical release only the when it hits DVD sales, this should still cause some alarm not just within the comic book community but with casual movie-going audiences as well.

Because of the box office giant that “Deadpool” has now become within the last few weeks the highest grossing R-rated comic book movie of all time. This of course now has studio heads looking out on all the potential that they have missed in not creating more R-rated superhero films and this announcement of an ultimate R-rated DVD edition of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” proves this point. What once was considered to be laughable and non-profitable, “Deadpool” has now had the last laugh and now studios are considering making a more darker and grittier film they might gear towards an R rating than a PG-13.

In my belief I don’t think studios should be considering making their films more of an R rating then PG-13. Yes, it worked with Deadpool, but the only reason that it worked with that character is because that is how the anit-hero is perceived in the comics. Deadpool was always a character that fans of the comics thought could only work with an R rating and not a PG-13 film, as the character was within that realm of swearing, making crude jokes, and having the over the top violence. 20th Century Fox, which owns all of the X-Men property, heard the fans voices and took a gamble with the film and it paid off in the end. Fans loved that this was the film version of Deadpool they have long been waiting on.

An R-rating will never work with films in the Mavel Cinematic Universe films like “Avengers” or the “Captain America” film, as those have different tones all together and fit better in the PG-13 realm. They are geared toward more family friendly audiences and they really aren’t geared toward having all of the vulgar and over the top violence Deadpool had in his film.

On the case of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the reports say that it will be rated R for sequences of violence and nothing more. Even though its probably from the big fight scenes that these two duke it out in and will showcase a bit more gritty violence, that’s the reason as to why it would have an R-rating. The thing that gets to me is that ever since Deadpool opened to the numbers it did its opening weekend, studios have now come out with reports that they are considering putting out certain heroes that could have had an R-rating and instead went PG-13 and will now try to push the envelop. Even though the DC Cinematic Universe and Warner Bros is going dark and gritty, they don’t really need to warrant a R rating, they can stick to a very hard PG-13 and deliver on a very good film with a very serious story and themes and action that’s a little darker than one of a film in the MCU.

The only studio that has the potential to do more R-rated films is the studio that just came out with the highest grossing R-rated film: 20TH Century Fox. In 2017 Hugh Jackman will perform his final take on the character that he has been playing for well over a decade, the Wolverine. For years Fox has tried to make the perfect Wolverine movie whether it be in an X-men movie or his own solo film, 20th Century has tried to put the best possible iteration of the character to please audiences, and they did in 2013 film, “The Wolverine. Even though it was rated PG-13 both the audience and critics loved it, but they still want that true iteration of the character with the rage and violence they know that he can truly show and not be restricted by the ratings. Reports have said that the studio is considering the final Hugh Jackman’s performance to be rated R and to me that would be the only exception cause Wolverine and have some of outlandish violence and curse a bit but still have some heart in the center of it all.

20th Century Fox holds all the cards right now when it comes to R-rated films they have the characters that would be the exception to being rated R, DC and the MCU have no reason to be in that realm as they are and will do just fine on there own, they would not fit in that type of world of vulgar humor and over the top violence, their heroes display innocence. If they ever decided to turn their characters toward that R- rating light then it would spell trouble for both the DC Universe and the MCU.