by Sam Bussell



It looks like another movie about former President Mandela is in the works. According to Variety, Maven Pictures are producing a film adaptation of  Zelda La Grange’s novel, “Good Morning Mr. Mandela”. This book depicts the friendship that La Grange had with former President Nelson Mandela. In the novel La Grange talks about how she was surrounded by people who perceived Mandela as a terrorist, but in the end became one of his must devoted associates. There are no directors or casting decisions yet for the film. The only production company attached to the film as of right now is Maven Pictures, who have released smaller indie projects and it looks like they are trying to take the next step.

With Maven Pictures producing this film adaptation of “ Good Morning Mr. Mandela” they will be one of the many companies that have produced a film about former President Mandela. In the last few years 2 other films have centered on the former President. In 2009, Moran Freeman played the him in the film, “Invictus”, about the president who wanted to bring his country their first ever South African Rugby team. The film put Freeman alongside Matt Damon who played the captain of the rugby team in the film. Also in the fall of 2013 Idris Elba also played the former President of South Africa in the film, “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” which was based on the 1995 autobiography of the same.

Sadly shortly after the 2013 film came out, Nelson Mandela passed away and the film became a kind of dedication to the change he brought to the country of South Africa and the legacy he left behind. While telling the story about this woman and her experience with Mandela, this film can also pay another tribute to the legacy Mandela made in South Africa. A director and casting announcements should be announced soon for the film.

Good Morning Mr. Mandela has no release date as of yet