By Sam Bussell


After losing two talented directors it looks like the new “Pinocchio” remake has finally found its director. According to Cinema Blend, Oscar winning director Ron Howard is now attached to direct the new remake of Disney Animated classic, “Pinocchio”.

Although coming off a film that under performed both critically and financially in last years Moby Dick film, “In the Heart of the Sea”, Ron Howard is still considered to be one of the most talented A- list directors out in the world today. He has directed films such as “Apollo 13” and the Oscar winning “A Beautiful Mind” to thrillers such as “The Da Vinci Code”.

It is expected that Howard would bring a different take to this adaption of the hit Disney Classic. Howard won’t be alone as he will be collaborating with Robert Downey Jr. who has been attached to this project ever since the beginning and that is probably one of the reasons as to why Howard decided to join the project in the first place. Downey Jr. will be playing the creator Geppetto and this film will actually be the telling of Geppettos story instead of focusing on Pinocchio. This will give us a little bit of more insight into the person who created the puppet who wanted to become a real boy.

You can catch Downey Jr. reprising his roll as Tony Stark/ Iron Man, in this summers, “Captain America: Civil War”, and you see Howards next directorial effort this fall as he returns to the world of Robert Langdon in this years, “Inferno”.

The Pinocchio film has no release date yet.