By Mandela Wells



Eddie the Eagle” star Taron Edgerton is currently rumored to play the role of Jason Todd a.k.a Robin in an upcoming DCU film. For those who are not familiar Jason Todd is the most famous Robin incarnation in the Batman world as he is known as the Robin who was beaten within an inch of his life by the Joker and then blown up in an explosion and died.

Edgerton arrived on the scene last year with his breakthrough performance in “The Kingsman” which went on to become a critical and box office success. Edgerton is currently preparing to begin work on “The Kingsman 2” and he is even rumored to be one of the top choices to play Han Solo in the future solo “Han Solo” film.

It is unknown where Jason Todd will first appear in the DC Universe but some believe he may show up in Ben Affleck’s Batman solo film which he is directing himself. Rumors have gone around that the movie will make some reference to Todd’s death while others have said the film may very well adapt the “Under The Hood” Arc from the Batman Comics.

For now nothing is set in stone in regards to the role.