By Edward Delaney


I’m going to start this review off by saying that I am bored of superhero movies. I feel almost as if every superhero movie is the same these days. Unless it’s directed by Christopher Nolan, Marvel Studios and DC Comics are getting redundant. I really didn’t even want to see Deadpool” originally, but I have to admit this film was a pleasant surprise.

Let us start at the beginning; the opening credits were phenomenally self aware by claiming to star “the hot chick,” “the comic relief,” “a CGI character,” “a moody teen” and “a gratuitous cameo” as opposed to the actual names of the actors or crew. All this is in front of a still of “Deadpool” is giving one thug a wedgie while teabagging another is absurd in a good way.

The next action sequence has Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) with a pair of pistols and only 12 rounds total. This is the first time since Dirty Harry” where the limited of a magazine is actually acknowledged, and it ends with three birds being killed with one stone, or in Deadpool’s case, one bullet!

If you thought Ryan Reynolds was an overrated Hollywood pretty boy who ruined the Green Lantern, you will love to see “Deadpool” poke fun at this notion in great humor. Of course there is a love interest, and I must say having a sex montage around the different holidays was odd but still funny. Another movie stereotype is parodied in an appropriate fashion.

If I could make a drinking game out of “Deadpool” I would set the rules to be where every time the fourth wall is broken one must chug a shot of tequila. Just make sure you are close to a hospital because this will happen frequently. The reflexivity is hysterical. Deadpool looks at the camera and talks to the audience quite often. He even references Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies.  And of course Stan Lee made his classic cameo. Lee is 93 years old and he is still doing his thing. I mean seeing an old man work as a DJ at a gentlemen’s club does make me wish they included Hugh Hefner alongside a cameo as well.

“Deadpool” is far from perfect, I did find some of the jokes to be a little subpar and it wasn’t all funny. I also do not plan to see it again at least anytime soon, but I have a strong hunch that there will be a sequel to it which I look forward to.

In the end, “Deadpool” knows the formula and cliches of superhero movies, so they have decided to deliberately mock them and still tell an entertaining story. If you want an action movie that serves as a great change of pace you have to check this one out.

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