By Nick Hintz


Once again Samuel L. Jackson may be involved in a film adaptation of a Stephen King adaption. The famed actor is reportedly interested in the role of Charles Jacobs in the upcoming film of King’s 2014 novel, “Revival. Though not the lead character, Jacobs is a preacher who, after the death of his wife and children in an accident, starts experimenting in the supernatural by using electricity.

This would be Samuel L. Jackson’s third appearance in a Stephen King story following his roles 2007’s “1408, and the upcoming film, “Cell. According to Entertainment Weekly, Jackson has been talking with writer and director Josh Boone as well as producer Michael de Luca about being in the film. Currently “Revival” is not attached to any studio, though Universal does have a “first look” deal with Boone. Should Jackson get involved, it is likely that the film would find a studio and subsequently a release date soon.