By Mandela Wells




Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino, two greats two major stars in Academy Award winners. You get them both in a movie and you expect it to be pure gold. However this would only be the case if the movie was focused solely on them instead of Josh Duhamel who is just doesn’t measure up as an actor. Misconduct is a terrible picture with a plot that honestly, if it had some rewrites done and had shifted the focus would have been killer story. If it had been on just Pacino and Hopkins characters and was on the pharmacedical world it would have been something actually worth paying twelve dollars for. Unfortunately Shintaro Shimosawa Simon Boyes and Adam Mason robbed us of that

Misconduct follows the story of a lawyer named Ben (Duhamel) who gets involved in quite the situation that involves a corrupt pharmacedical executive (Anthony Hopkins) and his rival (Al Pacino). As the story goes on he gets deep in over his head and even becomes a prime suspect in a murder.

So a number of stars return here other than Duhamel and Hopkins, I haven’t seen Malin Akerman, Glen Powell in a film in quite a while. As far as the story goes you don’t really become entranced with it or like it at all. The plot is very misconstrued, it seems like a thriller focused mainly on the pharmaceutical world but it put so much emphasis on this one character whom we really don’t care much about. I thought It just wasn’t well structured and the focus shifted many times here. One thing that kept annoying me was the conversations where one person was in the shot but the other wasn’t. it came off just really weird and irksome like get both in the frame lets see the electricity between Malin Akerman and Josh Duhamel lets see Byung Hun Lee talk to this girl, the tense convo with Glen Powell and Duhamel. This was a bad directorial choice in my opinion. Also I hated the music it could have been better scored. It sounded like a corny thriller film and not a subtle drama like it should have been done.

I give Josh Duhamel credit for playing something a little bit more grounded and less fantastical and not a romance film but he just is not a great actor here this was not one of his best works here. Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins showed up the young’ns here as they were the only good parts of the film. I will give alice eve credit her American accent is incredibly convincing however she didn’t really bring much to her character. Actually her acting was really flat outside of mastering the accent. Malin Akerman’s character was hard to get a read on, I was kinda confused by her actions I didn’t really get her place in the story.

Misconduct was executed sooo poorly it is not even funny. This is a waste of time do not check this out.

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