By Kylie Todd


Keira Knightley is now in talks to star in the upcoming Colette biopic- a film that will also bring the reunion of the producers behind Number 9 Films and Killer Films, the producers behind “Carol.”

The film tells the true story of one of France’s most prominant female writers, Colette, and her first marriage to Willy Gauthier-Villars. Legend says that Colette was locked away and to write novels for Gauthiers-Villars, a celebrated Parisian wit and critic, who claimed the works as his own. Eventually Colette came out in the open to claim her deserved title.

However, it is said that the real story of Colette is quite different. In reality, Colette and Willy Gauthier-Villars co-created those bestselling novels, often dipping into the depth of their marriage within their own work. The famous pair shared their success with one another and were a pivotal couple in the public eye.

“Carol” will be directed by Wash Westmoreland (“Still Alice”) while Pam Koffler and Christine Vachon (“Carol,” “Still Alice”) will produce for Killer Films. Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Woolley (“Carol” “Made in Dagenham”) will also produce for Number 9 Films.

The late Richard Glatzer (co-writer and co-director of “Still Alice”) penned the screenplay for “Carol,” along with Westmoreland. Bold Films will co-produce and finance the film, while Gary Michael Walters (CEO of Bold Films) will executive produce. HanWay Films will be managing the worldwide sales.

“Knightley is impeccably suited to step into the role of the iconic Colette in the early 1900s, who pushed the envelope in a time when women writers were shunned and bisexuality was scandalous. We are honored to bring her story to the big screen,” said Michel Litvak, chairman of Bold Films

Filming begins in May in Budapest.


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