By Mandela Wells



In 2012’s “Prometheus” Elizabeth Shaw who was played by Noomi Rapace was one of the main characters and also (spoiler alert) one of the two characters who survived the hellacious events that took place in the film. Now according to director Ridley Scott Rapace will actually not appear in the upcoming “Alien: Covenant.”

Reports previously indicated that she was expected to come back, in a much smaller role. However the fact that this film takes place 10 years after “Prometheus“, might just explain Shaw’s absence.

The plot will see a colony ship by the name of The Covenant come across a planet they believe to be an uncharted paradise. They unfortunately found out not all is what it seems and that there are some very scary elements and creatures awaiting them. Also the crew comes across the synthetic David that was played by Michael Fassbender in the previous film.

Since Rapace will not be returning this time around, Katherine Waterston has been chosen as the lead. Not much has been given on her character Daniel,s but it is speculated that since this installment will be closer to the original films, Daniels maybe related to Ellen Ripley in some kind of way.

Production is set to begin in Australia soon and the film will see a release of October 6th, 2017.