By Mandela Wells



Justin Chadwick is getting ready to direct a new espionage thriller known as “Official Secrets.” Chadwick will get the opportunity to direct quite the ensemble cast for the film. As of now Harrison Ford, Paul Bettany, Natalie Dormer, Martin Freeman, and Anthony Hopkins are all teaming  up for the film.

 Elizabeth Fowler will produce the picture. Lisa Wilson and Myles Nestel are executive producing

The story is set in 2003 in the months before the Iraq War. Dormer will be playing the focal character in the film, a British intelligence officer who reveals a secret illegal NSA spy operation against the UN Security Council which is designed to ensure a resolution for war. Her arrest following the leak makes headlines. Reporter’s made efforts to gain the evidence to free her but at the same time they dig up a shocking plot that puts both of their lives at risk.

Bettany will portray a British newspaper reporter. Freeman will be playing Peter Edwards, the foreign affairs editor at the newspaper in Britain, Hopkins will be playing a retired U.K. general and Ford is set to play a CIA agent.

The film will begin shooting in May out in the U.K. A release date has yet to be determined.