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There’s a lot happening on the Screening Room this morning at 10AM on January 24th, 2016 with your favorite host, Tommy Smarts…

Smarts was on his own during this episode due to the extreme blizzard outside.

Smarts started to talk about the Oscars. Will Smith along with many other African American actors talked about boycotting the Oscars because it favored white people. It has been announced this year’s list of Oscar nominees are all white. There was an emergency meeting with the Academy about what they are going to do about the recent boycott.

News on the March

#OscarsSoWhite controversy: Chris Rock said he still will be hosting and there will be many hard hitting jokes in support of boycott.


Space Jam screening in honor of its 20-year anniversary.


Daniel Radcliffe will play a farting corpse in his new film, Swiss Army Man. While watching it, people walked out because it was apparently so bad.


Avatar 2 has been delayed once again. Fox has given no reason why. The new release date will most likely be by the end of 2017.

Picture4There was a shooting during the screening of 13 Hours. The unidentified man said that the shooting was accidental and he brought the gun in fear that there was going to be a shooting. Police said that he might have been intoxicated.


David Bowie’s Labyrinth will be getting a reboot.



The Boy:


Horror film about a doll. A girl is babysitting for what she thought was the parents’ son but what turned out to be a boy doll. Smarts believes that it was satisfying. The director definitely had a vision. There weren’t too many jumping scenes. It was well executed. Smarts said that the dream sequences ruin the film. He wouldn’t recommend seeing it.

The 5th Wave:


It is about a girl who becomes a warrior once another life form came on her planet and took over. It kept Smarts interest for only a couple of minutes until the man guy came into the film and it was the typical storyline that the girl becomes in love with the guy. They are trying to make it a franchise yet the film was not good. It is a mixture of Divergent and The Hunger Games but a lesser version of both of those.

Dirty Grandpa:


Zac Efron played an uptight lawyer who is about to get married. He learns life lessons about his job and his relationship when he went to go visit his grandpa. The grandfather is trying to show his grandson how to live his life with no regrets. Zac Efron and Robert De Niro had a really good chemistry yet the jokes were really simple. There is not much original humor. The plot is really similar to The Hangover.

Box Office

  1. The Revenant at $4.5
  2. Dirty Grandpa at $4.2
  3. The Boy at $3.9
  4. Ride Along 2 at $3.7
  5. Star Wars at $3.5


And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode of The Screening Room! Next week the original crew will be back to keep Tommy Smarts company!