by Travis Martin



After long speculation, Sony has found its gunslinger for its adaptation to Stephen King‘s “The Dark Tower.” The Lawyer Harald reports that now the main protagonist, Roland Deschain, will be portrayed by Idris Elba.

Elba was already considered Sony’s front runner when casting began for the film. Although Roland is written as white in the book, writer and producer Akiva Goldsman praised Elba’s casting back when it was a rumor.

“I think Idris Elba is the greatest possible idea for casting for Roland, and I’m unbelievably proud of it as a collaborator on this enterprise and because I think that he’s a great actor and I couldn’t be more thrilled that he is likely to play a part,” said Goldsman on Elba.

Goldman went on to criticize those opposed to the colorblind casting decision saying, “I understand that people who are thoughtful about the storytelling and the racial politics of the storytelling might want to understand how that informs that storytelling, and I respect that and I hear that, and those things are not things we didn’t think about or don’t think about. The racist a–holes should go f–k themselves. For me, casting is an extrapolation. As soon as you are having an actor play a character, whether they be living or fictional, it’s different. Movies are not lives, movies are not books. I think what we do as filmmakers is we interpret, and you are welcome to agree with our interpretation at any turn, but I encourage you to do it based on thoughtful, aesthetic acceptance and open-heartedness and not bias.”

It is also rumored that Matthew McConaughey was being sought after to play Roland’s nemesis, The Man In Black. The film will be directed by Nikolaj Arcel with the script adapted by Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner.

No other casting has been announced but “The Dark Tower” is scheduled to release January 13, 2017