By Mandela Wells



Laura Prepon of “Orange is the New Black” has officially joined “The Girl On The Train.” Prepon will be playing the role of Cathy, Rachel’s roommate.

The story of “The Girl On The Train” focuses on a woman named Rachel who is an alcoholic. Rachel rides the train to work every day and sees a couple at a particular stop whom she names Jess and Jason, since she has never met them but always sees them. She sees this couple so much to the point where she feels as if she knows them and even looks forward to seeing them everyday. One day Rachel witnesses something shocking and it leads to her being involved in a complex mystery.

In this Paula Hawkins‘ novel, which the movie is adapting, Cathy was someone Rachel met in college out in England. Also in the novel Rachel tries to keep her deteriorating life a secret from Cathy, who grows increasingly irritated with Rachel’s drunken behavior. Rachel had lost her job but continued to ride the train to keep up the ruse. Eventually she starts to unravel in front of Cathy, who threatens to kick her out.

In the novel Cathy is English, and even the location of the entire story was set in England. However this film adaptation will be changing the location to Manhattan. It is likely that Prepon will play a New York version of Cathy.

“The Girl On The Train” is also set to star Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, Edgar Ramirez, Luke Evans, Haley Bennett, Lisa Kudrow, and Alison Janney. Erin Cressida Wilson has written the script and the director is Tate Taylor.

The film is looking at a October 7th release date.