By Sam Brussell



What a night to remember! The 73rd Annual Golden Globes have given us another entertaining night that was filled with raunchy jokes and some technical difficulties that gave us something to take a bit more than normal coming from an awards show. First off I thought Ricky Gervais killed it again as the host. I know that people thought that his jokes were a bit edgy and some of them even drew some silent audience reaction. I think Gervais is the best host to be hosting the Globes even better than Tina Fey and Amy Pohler who were terrific hosting the globes. The thing that Gervais does differently than those two is that he take it to the extreme and will walk that fine line of making it television appropriate and just going absolutely crazy and he did just that for this years show. Whether its taking jabs at Jennifer Lawrence and her fight for women equality or taking a shot at Caitlyn Jenner or making fun of Mel Gibson, or to me the funniest jab Gervais took was to Ben Affleck when Matt Damon came up to talk about the film The Martian. To me the Golden Globes hosting gig has now turned into a roasting gig in talking about people in Hollywood and that’s fine to me as its something you never really see in shows and that’s all thanks to Gervais and the way he is as a person and as a host. Even some of the presenters were funny from Jonah Hill acing as the bear from “The Revenant” or Jamie Alexander cursing at the teleprompter.

With the Golden Globes, awards season is finally upon us and with the Globe winners we finally have a little bit of a broader look at what the voting bodies might be looking at come Oscar time. Although the Academy and HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press) are two different associations entirely this past Sunday gave us a bit of insight of what we can expect when the nominations are announced for this years Academy Awards are announced. Spotlight” may have come out empty handed and is considered by many to be a frontrunner, but don’t count out its chances at the Oscars. A lot of its chances will hinge on what the results of the Guild awards are such as the SGA (Screen Actors Guild) and DGA (Directors Guild). If Spotlight wins those awards then it will be a huge frontrunner come Oscar night. In the acting categorizes, especially Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor, I think Sylvester Stallone in “Creed” and Leonardo Dicaprio in “The Revenant” will pull away from the rest of the nominees come Oscar night. Those two gave some if not the best performance of there career this past year. Stallone’s win was to me the best of the night and it really hit me when the Rocky theme song came on when he was walking on stage and the standing ovation that he received when he accepted his award I believe that moment will have voters looking differently after seeing what happened from the Globes. The last big story line coming out of the globe to me is the Best Actress category right now I am confident in saying that Brie Larson of “Room” is now the front-runner to win the Best Actress prize come February 28th. Overall this was a Globes that’s one to remember filled with a great host who gave some pretty funny but controversial jokes and some other great laughs along the way and we saw some wins tonight that will give us some more clarity into the very young Awards season of 2016.