By Edward Delaney


George Lucas is the man who Star Wars fans have loved and hated equally throughout the decades. The man created the greatest trilogy and franchise of all time, and he almost ruined it with the dreaded Special Editions and over hyped Prequel Trilogy. Well, now we are curious to see what George thinks of the new film that just came out.

Well, Lucas recently referred to Disney as “White Slavers” and, as unfair as that may sound, that is not even the worst of Disney’s reputation. Mousekewitz is a more common nickname for the corporation. Disney has so much revenue and power that it is pretty scary how they just buy out everything.

George Lucas then later said that he was glad the Disney was taking care of Lucasfilm. I guess it is nice that George Lucas ended with a good note, but why does he contradict himself so often? Who’s side is he on. This isn’t the first time Lucas has changed his ideology. In 1988 Lucas went before U.S. Congress to speak out against the altering of movies. He said that “People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians.” Totally agree with him, but why did Lucas do just the opposite of this when he altered the original Star Wars trilogy with the 1997 Special Editions? I think it is best that we all stop listening to George Lucas finally and embrace the future of Star Wars.