By Mandela Wells



Kevin Spacey is back on the big screen after 2 years and he is joined by Golden Globe nominee Michael Shannon for the new film “Elvis & Nixon.” A trailer has finally been released and it shows us that the film will be centered on the historic 1970 photo of the iconic Elvis Presley and President Richard Nixon.

The trailer begins with the genesis of this story, Elvis (Michael Shannon) showing up at the white house and attempting to give the President (Kevin Spacey) a letter. This takes everyone by surprise and ultimately leads to members of his cabinet suggesting a meet between the two. While they all are trying to arrange this as well as the benefits of this visit, Elvis requests a badge to go in as an undercover agent.

It all works out and the two finally meet and have a hilarious time together. Near the end we see the two take the famous photo that many still request to this day.

Based on the trailer the movie is sure to give audiences the full inside scoop and how it all really came together and what occurred after. Along with Spacey and Shannon, Colin Hanks, Evan Peters, Johnny Knoxville, Alex Pettyfer, and Ashely Benson all star in the movie. It is directed by Liza Johnson and will be released April 15th through Amazon Studios and Bleecker Street.

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