By Danielle Moskowitz


   Creed, which was released in theaters on November 25, 2015, was a huge success. Creed grossed $103 million at the U.S. box office from a $35 million budget. Michael B. Jordan became a huge success after acting in this film. Now, it has been officially confirmed by Sylvester Stallone that there will be a sequel for this film and he also hinted that it might bring one of the “Rocky” franchise’s most beloved characters back from the dead.

Stallone said how it is possible that the sequel might go back in time and bring back Carl Weathers. Carl Weathers’ Apollo Creed was killed in the ring in 1985’s “Rocky IV. Stallone talked with the writer and director of “Creed” Ryan Coogler who both agreed that the sequel will most likely take place in the present and the past.

Stallone explained to Variety, “Ryan has some ideas of going forward and backward and actually seeing Rocky and Apollo together. Think of The Godfather 2. That’s what he was thinking of, which was kind of ambitious.”

It is still up in the air on whether Ryan Coogler will be able to return as the film’s director to the sequel or not. Coogler is currently in negotiations to oversee Marvel’s Black Panther so the filming of the sequel might cause a time conflict with the Marvel film. Stallone is not worried about this though and said that either way he will be a producer of the sequel whether they wait for Coogler to be available or not.