By Mandela Wells



I have for the longest time been a huge fan and admirer of the great Denzel Washington, one of the finest Black actors out there. He is my absolute favorite actor. I am so happy to hear that after such a long and prolific career that Denzel or “Zel” as I like to call him is finally getting a lifetime achievement award of some kind, and what better ceremony to receive one than at the Golden Globe Awards.

Washington has been in the game since ’81 and has over the years delivered astounding performances in films such as “Cry Freedom”, “Glory”, “Malcolm X”, “Philadelphia”, “Crimson Tide”, “Courage Under Fire”, “He Got Game”, “The Hurricane”, “Training Day”, “Man on Fire”, “American Gangster”, “The Book of Eli”, “Safe House”, “Flight” and his last effort “The Equalizer”. In many of his roles Washington has brought presence, swagger, style and at times intensity.

I have had the pleasure of watching many of this films and he just amazes me every time. My favorite film of his is without a doubt “Training Day”. He was so hardcore and gangsta in that role as Alonzo and he flawlessly played a crooked cop that really didn’t deserve the badge on his chest. Denzel also delivered his greatest movie quote from this film “KING KONG AINT GOT S#$& ON ME!!.” Some of my other favorites include “Malcolm X”, “Flight”, “Man on Fire” but Training Day is always going to be in my list of favorite films of all time.

Washington has been nominated 6 times for an Academy Award and has won 2 of them in 1990 and 2002. In Regards to the Golden Globes it is no surprise that they have had love for him as he has been nominated 7 times at the golden globes and has also won 2 of them in 1990 and the year 2000.

Safe to say the man has an impressive track record. It is so great that he is getting recognized for his 30 years of acting and giving us performances to enjoy watching time and time again. I am looking forward to hearing his acceptance Speech this sunday and of course his next film “The Magnificent Seven.”

The 73rd Annual Golden Globes airs this Sunday on NBC.