By Haley Albin


Get ready to put on your capes and spandex, Marvel fans, because another superhero is on its way to a movie theater near you! The fearless feline, Black Panther, is sure to be the cat’s meow.

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios’s current president, has appointed Ryan Coogler to direct the upcoming film,”Black Panther.” However, this decision has yet to be set in stone. Coogler is known for directing and writing the 2015 cinematic hit, “Creed.”

Before the release of the film Black Panther, the superhero himself will make his film debut this year in “Captain America: Civil War.” Chadwick Boseman is playing the role of Black Panther, who is also known as T’Challa. Boseman is set to reprise the role once more in the future production. While the rest of the cast is to be determined, it will mostly consist of black actors.

Black Panther” will be released July 6th, 2018