By Ryan Williams


Since the release of the 1978 classic, “Halloween” has become a cult classic, lending itself to a plethora of sequels and a number of remakes. For over three decades, Dimension Films has theses films to audiences, but recent reports from The Wrap confirm the studio has given up the rights to the franchise.


Dimension and Miramax (Dimension’s parents company) are now looking for studios to buy those rights. Miramax decided to drop the franchise after the last proposed installment, “Halloween Returns,” helmed by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, never came to fruition.


The “Halloween” franchise has had an impressive run, with the last five films raising a total of $227.5 million. The most successful of the set was the 2007 version, directed by Rob Zombie which made $80 million. The sequel to that movie did not do as well, however, making only $39 million. The gap in returns between these two films also contributed to the studio’s decision to rethink their involvement with the franchise.


At this point, the future of the “Halloween” franchise is up in the air. If another studio buys the rights, Michael Myers will have an opportunity to start fresh somewhere new, possibly with a whole new approach. Fans of the series are bound to be split on the prospect of future films, as some hope the series will continue even further, and others, who have been unimpressed with the recent films, are growing tired of second-rate adaptations of the 1978 classic.


Only time will tell what the future has in store for Michael Myers.

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