by Danielle Moskowitz


The first Inferno film images have been released featuring Tom Hanks as he returns as Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon. Felicity Jones will costar. Shooting for this film took place in Venice and Florence.

This film is an adaptation of the novel by Dan Brown. This novel was published in 2013. It is the fourth book in the Robert Langdon series. The other two novels in this series that were adapted into films were The Da Vinci Code, which was released in 2006, and Angels and Demons, which as released in 2009.

Inferno starts out with Robert Langdon waking up in a hospital room in Florence, Italy. He wakes up with no memory as to what happened over the last few days and he finds himself as a target in another major manhunt. Throughout the film, he will be trying to regain his freedom and lost memories while trying to solve many riddles.

Ron Howard has been keeping the viewers up to date with many set images throughout the production yet the first official film images just hit the web.

The film was originally supposed to be released this past week however the studio reportedly pushed back the release date due to fear of clashing with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Inferno is now planning to be released in October 14, 2016. Scroll down to check out the rest of the photos

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