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By Mandela Wells



25 years ago Arnold Schwarzennger starred in one of his most popular films outside of the terminator franchise. This film was known as “Kindergarten Cop”. The movie about a cop posing as a kindergarten teacher made over $202 million worldwide. Now through the release of 3 photos it has been confirmed that a sequel to the film is happening. “Kindergarten Cop 2” will be a new straight to DVD sequel to the 1990 film and this time it will star Dolph Lundgren.

The synopsis is as follows: ” ‘In Kindergarten Cop 2′, Lundgren plays Agent Reed. Like in the original movie, Reed goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher, this time to recover a flash drive with sensitive information that was stolen from the Witness Protection Program. However, in addition to dealing with a handful of students, Reed also faces problems with the school’s “politically correct environment.”

The direct-to-dvd film will come straight from Universal. The director is Don Michael Paul. The DVD will arrive sometime in 2016.