By Mandela Wells


2 months ago Netflix released arguably one of the best films of the year, “Beasts of no Nation“. It was such a fantastic film from the streaming service. Now it looks as though they cant keep up the momentum of delivering quality films, as now they have released this ridiculous (no pun intended) film, “The Ridiculous 6”. This is a laughable film effort. We are further reminded of Adam Sandler’s decaying acting abilities. This film also has several racist and just flat out stupid scenes and dialogue. The overall concept was dumb just plain DUMB!

   White Knife, (Adam Sandler) is an orphan raised by Native Americans. He one day meets his father Frank Stockburn (Nick Nolte) who reveals to him that he is his son. Frank winds up disappearing and so White Knife sets out to find him. Along the way he discovers that the five outlaws he runs into on his journey are actually his half-brothers. Together, they set out to save their daddy who has more secrets than we know about him

This was a joke of a film. Horrible, just absolutely stupid and weird. It had some “Blazing Saddles” and is also a spoof of “The Magnificent Seven” but still really bad. The acting was horrendous and awful. The jokes weren’t always hitting. I didn’t laugh much, more crickets than anything here with the humor. Why was little pete narrating the story when he doesn’t come in till later in the film? He was not even the main character or introduced in the beginning? Taylor Lautner pretty much did a terrible combination of Forrest Gump and Lenny from “Of Mice and Men“.

This movie was kind of racist too. I mean the names they give these Indians like c’mon now, “Blazing Saddles” had more dignity and respect for us black people in there than this for the Indians. Rob Schneider played THE most stereotypical Mexican. Vanilla Ice made a cameo in here and he went and reverted back to his old persona that I was applauding him growing out of for so many years. Is it just me or did will forte sound a lot like Woody Harrellson in here. Adam Sandler sucked here and Nick Nolte again could barely understand him thank god the subtitles were there. He did have one funny line at the end in the mine but other than that he made a blatant idiotic mockery of himself that wasn’t all that funny.

So along with the directing being awful as well, this is by without question the worst film of 2015. Even worst than the fantastic four. I’m starting to lose hope for Adam Sandler.

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