By Nick Hintz


DisneyPixar’s latest film, “The Good Dinosaur” has set a record… but not the good kind. In 20 years of releasing films, it seems as thought movie will be the Pixar’s first box office flop.

“The Good Dinosaur” made $39.1 million during its opening weekend, just to see a 60% drop in sales as it earned only $15.5 million the next weekend.

However, while the film did not fare well with audiences, or with critics, it was nominated for Best Animated Feature in both the Golden Globes and Annie Awards.

Unfortunately for Arlo, the film’s protagonist, it seems as though things will only get worse. With the coming release of “Star Wars” coupled with competition of other family movies like “The Peanuts Movie” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip,” it is possible that Pixar could fade completely into the background this holiday season.

According to “Variety,” the film’s budget was $200 million and roughly $150 million was spent on marketing. When accounting for the film’s other costs,  it is estimated that “The Good Dinosaur” will have to  gross about $500 million just to break even.