By Mandela Wells




Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson is officially set to join James and Dave Franco in “The Disaster Artist.” The film revolves around the cult classic “The Room,” known in the world of cinema as one of the worst films ever made. James Franco will play Tommy Wiseau, Dave will play Greg Sestero (who co-starred in the film) and Josh Hutcherson will be playing the role of Philip Haldiman, the actor who portrayed Denny in “The Room.”

Despite “The Room” being initially criticized heavily, over the decades it has gained a huge cult following. Theaters across the nation still play the film at midnight over the weekend,  similar to the cult following to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

James Franco will not only star in the film but will also direct. Hutcherson is appearing for the third time in a Franco picture, previously starring in “In Dubious Battle” and “The Long Home.”

No release date has been confirmed for the picture.