By Mandela Wells



Next week is the release of The Big Short and I am excited to see Ryan Gosling act again since it’s been over two years since he was last seen on the big screen. I have been a fan of his since 2011 and now I am even more excited for his return to acting again as a trailer for his next project,”The Nice Guys,” was just released.

I have to say this movie looks absolutely Hilarious! In the trailer, we are are introduced to Russell Crowe as Jackson Healey who knocks on Holland March’s (Gosling) door and proceeds to punch him and kick him. He finds out his occupation as a private investigator and this first meeting ends badly as Healey fractures the man’s spine. (I swear, Gosling gives the funniest high pitch scream I’ve ever heard.) Sometime later, the two meet again in a bathroom, which again is absolutely hilarious as Gosling tries to keep a gun on him while taking a dump and trying to keep the door open.

Healey and March then must team up to try and find the daughter of a woman (Kim Basinger) that works in the department of justice.

As funny as this is, I am also intrigued by the pairing of Gosling and Crowe. I am eager to see how well this chemistry might go. I didn’t even realize until I saw it a second time but it seems we got an “L.A Confidential” reunion here with Crowe and Basinger as well.

It’s going to be a while before the film is released but this has the makings of a nice throwback comedy picture with elements from other crime films like “Dirty Harry.”

The Nice Guys also features Matt Bomer, Keith David and Jack Kilmer. It is directed and co-written by Shane Black (Iron Man 3) as well and you can except this funny film to hit theaters May 20, 2016.

Check out the trailer below!