By Mandela Wells



20 years ago the zany but talented, Jim Carrey played the famous The Riddler character from the “Batman” comics in the 95′ comic book film Batman Forever. Although the film wasn’t a big hit in the franchise Carrey’s performance as The Riddler A.K.A Edward Nygma was well received and fit the style of Batman Forever that was created by Joel Schumacher. In recent times the Batman franchise has been reborn from its late 90’s demise thanks to the genius that is Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale’s gritty and dark portrayal of the character. Next year we will see the character again in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and he will be played by Ben Affleck. This leaves many to wonder about who Batman will face when his own solo movie comes out in later years. Many are looking at the red hood, some say we may see The Joker and Bats go at it again but none have mentioned the possibility of the Riddler showing up again in Gotham City.

Neil Patrick Harris has recently expressed interest in the role and I am mad happy he has. The How I Met Your Mother star tweeted out in response to a tweet sent from the movie news Twitter account Superhero Feed. Scroll down to see his response below

As much as Johnny Depp (fan favorite) may be THE perfect candidate to take on the character I think Neil Patrick Harris can pull off an equal level performance. Harris is a very hilarious comedic actor but he has a wit and charm that can prove very beneficial with a character like this and he could actually make the riddles Edward Nygma says come off very cool or very menacing. Everyone who has read the batman comics know that these villains are all pretty much insane and Nygma was no exception. The fantastic thing the “Batman” films of the 2000’s have managed to do is channel that insanity and give audiences a mature, well crafted and controlled chaos that sinks deeper into you, than the cartoonish insanity of the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher films. I am not sure who will exactly be tackling the solo film but Nolan laid down the ground work for how DC films need to be and I have no doubt it will be done right and that Neil Patrick Harris can fit into the world perfectly. He did a fantastic job of playing a mentally unhinged character in Gone Girl so I know he can do it here.

However this is all speculation but it I gotta say it would be nice to see The Riddler again in a batman film or even a new character never brought to the big screen before in these films. For now folks you can catch The Riddler in his early days when he was just Edward Nygma a forensic scientist on Fox’s Gotham.